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“The cold chain is an indicator of development.” - 30 / 11 / -0001

TRANS MEDYA Magazine – July 2010

SAFKAR General Manager Doruk Aydın: “The cold chain is an indicator of development.”
Adhering to the principle of staying close both to the customers and the market, SAFKAR has great expectations of growth in the frigorific market. Getting ready to manufacture diesel units for trailers, SAFKAR strengthens its after-sales chain with 86 servicing points in Turkey and 336 abroad.
Designing and manufacturing climatization solutions in the three main branches of buses, railway systems, and cold chain transport refrigerators, SAFKAR is a market leader in Turkey and the surrounding geography with its annual production capacity of 15,000. Successful outside Turkey, too, SAFKAR maintains a strong presence in the surrounding countries and Europe for this purpose. General Manager Doruk Aydın, who assumed his post upon SAFKAR’s acquisition by the Abaş Group last year, is raising the bar for the company. Aydın says they put greater weight on R&D and product development and expanded SAFKAR’s after-sales network. Noting their servicing points number 86 in Turkey and 336 abroad, Aydın says their 60-man R&D team is constantly at work, making considerable progress in diesel-related production.
Noting that the use of the cold chain paralleled the level of development of a country, Aydın says Turkey acted very fast and achieved a remarkable level of standardization in this area. Saying, “Freshness has attractiveness to it in the eye of the customer. You can either carry ice-cream to the shelves in a healthy way or you can’t. There’s an investment cost involved. Turkey is now beginning to bear this cost – consumers and suppliers alike. There’s a serious amount of standardization getting done,” Aydın observes that the frigorific market has expanded considerably. Proud of dominating their American competitors in markets such as Turkey, Iran, Tunisia, and Azerbaijan, Aydın informed, “We opened a spare parts and business development center in Germany. We’re in the process of improving performance. The expectations of performance are somewhat higher in Europe and that impacts us favorably. Following the trends is important to us. Cooling systems make up a product segment in which we’re growing fast, one in which we enjoy a very quick adoption in various geographies, not to mention a major competitive advantage thanks to our quality products with high technology.”
Aydın reports that SAFKAR is designing and configuring the systems of leading companies like Pınar, BİM, Kraft, Eti, and Netlog engaged in the cold chain business in Turkey, adding they give constant training to the employees of the client firms to which they provide solutions. Aydın says, “We give an unconditional two-year guarantee in servicing and spare parts for our products. SAFKAR’s greatest strength is its after-sales services. SAFKAR air-conditioners’ being considered a valuable asset on the second-hand vehicle market is he biggest proof of this,” noting that 20,000 SAFKAR products reliably operate in the world today. He explains that they constantly introduce improvements in their products to ensure their flawless operation, Aydın says, “20,000 products of ours are currently under guarantee. No single firm could possibly handle a defect to occur in them; therefore we implement a strict testing policy during production. We conduct thermodynamic and mechanical tests. We can create a variety of conditions such as vibration and rain in our test chambers. We’re one of the seven companies that were granted incentives in Turkey.”
Stressing that engineering comes foremost in the cold chain, Aydın says SAFKAR produces solutions for different requirements, which demonstrates its competence. “Cooling units must be handled with greater care than is commonly thought to be adequate. The way a unit is used impacts its lifetime more than any other factor. Cooling the box before loading boosts performance to a considerable extent. Performance is also closely related to how much or how often the door is opened,” Aydın explains, adding that his training team regularly briefs users on these do’s and don’ts.
Portrait: Doruk Aydın
A graduate of the TED Ankara College and the Faculty of Engineering of the Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ), Doruk Aydın received his MBA from the IUP Eberly College of Business before working as an industrial management consultant in the US. He was instrumental in the acquisition of the firm Olgun Çelik where he served as the general manager for five years. Aydın has been the general manager of SAFKAR for five years.
Important hints!
- The products loaded on board the vehicle must be at the carrying temperature.
- The vehicle must be pre-cooled before loading.
- Vehicles of this type are designed for cold chain transportation. The SAFKAR transport refrigerator must not be operated on electric power in an uncontrolled manner from evening until morning.
- The products must be stacked so as to allow unobstructed movement of air around them. Palettes must be placed on the floor so that the products will not contact it.
- The movement of the blown air must not be blocked by excessively high stacks. The evaporator intake must not be blocked with products.
- The vehicle must not be allowed to wait for prolonged periods outside the delivery point during distribution with the engine not running.
- Unloading must be done very quickly at the delivery point. Heat curtains (-18ºC) must be positioned in the doorway.
- Refrigeration must be turned off when the box doors are opened in order to avoid hot and humid air being sucked in from the outside.
- Returned products and empty cases that have been sitting in room temperature must not be put inside the box during delivery.