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SAFKAR EXPORTS TO 33 COUNTRIES - 30 / 11 / -0001

HABERTÜRK EKONOMİ Newspaper – 22.06.2010

Having set up an after-sales center in Düsseldorf, Germany early this year, SAFKAR is exporting to 33 countries from Iran to Malaysia.
Stressing that they added new modules to the test center and effected major improvements in the R&D staff in 2009, Aydın noted they had introduced many new products on the market in the process. Informing that new design work to cut costs and shed weight was under way in the bus and minibus segments, Aydın reported they had concluded some new partnership deals in the segment of trains and railway systems. Announcing that they were going to offer their light rail system products with inverters in the very near future in what would be a very significant milestone, Aydın said they also designed new air-conditioners for use in the operator cabins of tractors and construction machinery not to mention another air-conditioning device already marketed to the defense industry for use in military shelters. He added that all designs were made by SAFKAR’s R&D team of 60 people.