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SAFKAR\'s Middle East bid - 30 / 11 / -0001

DÜNYA Newspaper – 31.05.2010
Having augmented its production and management staff, SAFKAR has embarked upon an organizing bid in the Middle East as well as in Germany. Calling attention to the fact that SAFKAR was a very powerful company in the Middle East, General Manager Doruk Aydın said they were focusing their efforts on market development in those areas in order to gain yet greater strength. “We’re hoping to establish a local office in those areas in the not too distant future,” Aydın said.
Recalling that SAFKAR was a designer and manufacturer of mobile climatization solutions, Aydın commented there were very few manufacturers in this industry in Europe. Underlining the fact that SAFKAR was a veritable success story, Aydın said, “Our disadvantage compared to the competition is being a new firm. Our strengths are the advantages that come from R&D and from being in Turkey, competitive power, flexibility, fast design, and proximity to the market. Our goal is to offset our weakness in the sense of not being a long-established, recognized brand by leveraging these strengths. We believe two things are very critical in what we do. One of these is R&D and trendsetting. The other is after-sales services. We’re fighting to raise our company to the position it deserves by strengthening after-sales and by laying our added value on the line.”
Explaining that their objective was to make the dealer network more active and to be able to better serve the servicing centers they created and the after-sales points, Aydın commented, “During our market development work in the Middle East, we saw that the attention shown to SAFKAR was huge, which made us very happy. We now aim to promote our activities here even more and to ensure that the company achieves the share it deserves in the competition chart.” Aydın highlighted the fact that their success in the Middle East and Europe, a geography they refer to as their core market and actively operate in, set off a demand for their products from other parts of the world as well, saying that they both exported their products and collaborated with the basic industries in 33 countries from Iran to Malaysia.

Stressing that they added new modules to the test center and effected major improvements in the R&D staff in 2009, Aydın noted they had introduced many new products on the market in the process. Informing that new design work to cut costs and shed weight was under way in the bus and minibus segments, Aydın reported they had concluded some new partnership deals in the segment of trains and railway systems. Announcing that they were going to offer their light rail system products with inverters in the very near future in what would be a very significant milestone, Aydın said they also designed new air-conditioners for use in the operator cabins of tractors and construction machinery not to mention another one already marketed for the defense industry for use in military shelters. Adding that all designs were made by SAFKAR’s R&D team of 60 people, Aydın went on to say, “We split our company into three business divisions and we’re running them like three separate companies. These divisions are the rail systems division, the bus and minibus division, and the transport refrigerator division. Utilizing common assets in R&D and purchasing, we were able to cut our costs down to a very competitive level.” Aydın announced that they continued investing in research and development with the physical vibration module nearing completion and the pressurized sprinkling modules already completed and working. He added that preparations were under way for the heating thermodynamic tests along with the cooling thermodynamic tests.