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Safkar compotes with global actors in every segment of mobile climate control, but does not give on its leadership in the Eastern Europe and Middle East markets.
Safkar, Turkey\'s largest brand in commercial vehicle climate control facilities, is among the top five players in Europe in its sector. Safkar operates as designer and producer in the mobile climate control market and is the leader of the Eastern Europe, including Turkey and Middle East markets, Although Safkar turned its face to Europe and Middle East, the company\'s core markets, it exports products to various countries from Asia to the Northern Africa with its more than 20,000 units, providing 100 percent guarantees on parts and service. safkar develops studies on issues such as product development and after-sale in the operation center in Düsseldorf which was opened in early 2010 to increase the company\'s efficiency in Europe and to expand its accumulated value in terms of geography. ıts competitiveness and perfection of its products are the biggest assurances of Safkar who exports rail vehicles to the markets ranging from Malaysia and Iran to Greece in its sixth year after proving its local perfection. The company provides products to major industriesin Turkey, Malaysia and Ukraine thanks to its partnerships in R&D and projects by using Turkey\'s regional power and advantages in the automotive sector. Safkar , who faces limited competition in every segment due to its technological sophistication, R&D contribution share, support needs of after-sale and service requirements, is positioned as a company recognized in the global platform with a high brand value. The company , which continues to get demands from different regions every day, easily spread to the market with improving its after sale network and product portfolio with more funtional and competitive products. Safkar has three global competitors from Germany, Spain and the US who develop projects and have R&D and test capabilities in rail vehicles, says Doruk AYDIN, general manager of Ege Soğutmacılık Klima ve Soğuk Hava Tesisleri İhracat İthalat Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. Safkar competes compotes with three German companies in automotive main industry and with two American manufacturers in frigorific systems. The production activities of Safkar include segmets of buses, minibuses and midibuses, rail system locomotives and ligh-rail systems, cold chain frigorific systems, tractor cabins air conditioners and military as well as GSM shelter air conditioners. The company puts its competitiveness, its R&D center approved by the Technology Development Foundation (TTGV) and TÜBİTAK, and developing products with it 60-force R&D staff as well as its after-sale service places in worldwide focused in Europe at the center of every business it makes.
We want to be the most valuable brand in Europe
The mobile climate control market is growing as the development of the life standards. Safkar aims at gaining a larger share of this growth with the functionality of its products, competitive advantages, penetrating into new geographical regions and new product segments. We give special importance to organizational structure in Europe in and R&D capabilities. To become the most valuable brand of Europe in every segment is a target that we run after tirelessly. We make contributions and create values with our sun-industry for our country and provide cost advantages for our customers and know-how in this oligopolistic market with our R&D and test center in Turkey, Europe\'s largest bus and minibus production hub, as well as 336 after sale service network in the world.
Gives no respite to American competitors
Safkar challenges its American competitors effective in every region in the world in the frigorific systems segment with its high perfomance and guaranteed products with 30 percent of competition advantage.
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