Human Resources» Human Resources Policy

As the most important asset of SAFKAR, our aim is to have our human resources effectively work as being highly motivated through proactive human resources practices, establish systems that can provide opportunity to our employers in making their career and development plans within the structure of SAFKAR and provide a safe working environment.
In this regard, our main principles;
In line with the goals and strategies of our company, to employ our esteemed human resources to new positions as much as possible,
In case of recruitments of new candidates, to employ qualified labor force through transparent processes where all candidates have equal opportunities,
To establish systems providing opportunities to our employers in developing themselves, working with high performance and advancing in their careers and make these systems sustainable,
To prepare training programs by determining training requirements of our employers and support their self-improvement through continuous trainings,
To create safe, healthy and peaceful working environment with regard to İSG and ensure its sustainability,
With the bounds of possibility, to appreciate and reward our employers who display high performance,
To review, update and develop our human resources policy.